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Metrics that Matter to a Good Search Engine Optimization Company

It’s usually the first thing we hear in terms of search engine optimization – a company wants to be in that coveted top spot on Google, Yahoo!, Ask, and MSN. No matter the industry or specialty, when companies approach us with their desired goals for an SEO campaign, it’s usually all about improving their rankings and positions (5 hours ago)

Adobe Flash Phones Home Uncontrollably

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware in which we basically complained about Mozilla Firefox phoning “home” to their deep-pockets investor also known as “Google”. What is Phoning Home “Phoning home” is a secret or background internet communications activity whereby data from your computer is sent to the computers of a company who develops [...]

Yield Software Launches Complete Web Marketing Suite

SAN MATEO, Calif.—-Yield Software has announced the launch of the Yield Web Marketing Suite, introducing a simplified way to drive new internet traffic and revenues at a low overall cost. (2 hours ago)

Business buzz

Pogue is in, Mossberg is out New York Times writer David Pogue’s personal technology column, “State of the Art,” becomes a regular feature in Business Weekly starting today. (48 mins ago)

Businesses try different techniques to stave off economic turbulence

The 20 or so employees at Padgett Business Services were visibly anxious when company CEO Steve Rafsky recently visited the Athens headquarters and called an impromptu meeting, said Kate Orozco, communications coordinator with the Athens Padgett office. (2 hours ago)

Advance Auto Parts names senior vice president of e-commerce

Advance Auto Parts has appointed Scott Bauhofer as senior vice president and general manager of e-commerce. He will report to Kevin Freeland, COO of the company. (3 hours ago)

Google Docs Gets Collaborative Drawing Feature

In an effort to emphasize the advantages of cloud computing, Google has recently added a basic drawing functionality to Google Docs which allows users to add charts and diagrams to their online word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Meanwhile, security experts say they have found yet another vulnerability in Google’s platform. (9 hours ago)

YouTube Blocked in China

The Chinese government has recently decided to block the popular Google-owned video sharing site, without offering a reason for such an action. According to many, the motivation was to limit access to a video that showed Chinese police beating handcuffed and Tibetan monks. (7 hours ago)

Execs & Accounts: Magna, Jon Schneider, West Point

Magna names lead global forecaster; MRM mourns the loss of EVP Jon Schneider; the Center for Oral History and West Point create site to depict military life. (19 mins ago)

Report: Rogue antivirus software pays off for scammers

Compromising legitimate Web sites and redirecting visitors to rogue antivirus sites is a lucrative business, says new report from security firm Finjan. Compare your salary Use the IT salary benchmark wizard and know the average salary differences between different job functions. Join activeTechPros. (46 mins ago)