Did you mean – Top 2 results shown (Google)

Now when you misspell a keyword in the Google search engine, Google returns not only keyword alternatives but “suggested” content as well.


From our perspective, this has the negative effect of suppressing useful content by pushing it further down the list. The editorial (i.e. “suggested”) content provided by Google is rated more favorably by Google and listed at the top of the page.

Many are concluding that Google is becoming increasingly undemocratic in their business practices.

Here are some other perspectives:



In any event, it is common knowledge that Google manipulates the search engine listings for keywords and domain names they deem unworthy of appearing in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

An unfortunate side-effect for webmasters whose domain name was banned by the Google search engine is that this now becomes Google’s opportunity to showcase a competitor’s content or the copy-and-paste job of a plagiarist instead of the work by the original author.

Google is the conduit through which over 80% of the world’s internet search requests originate. By first banning domain names en masse along with their content and then publishing editorials in their place is an abuse of power.

Simple searches on a “Google banned” domain name in the form of “domain.com”, fully exposes this practice as a major search quality issue for the end-user and a significant risk to the Google brand.

Try it yourself:

  1. Find a domain name that has been banned. Should not be too hard to find. Just go to DigitalPoint (for example) in the “Google forum” and you will find many webmasters who are complaining about Google Bans on their domain names or ones that they manage.
  2. Once you have the dropped domain name, enter it into the search field for Google. That is, enter the domain and extension i.e. freshbot.com. Note: FreshBot is not banned, this was just an example on how to format your query.
  3. You will find all manner of irrelevant content and/or search results for the competition. Maybe even advertisements for competing products. But you will not find a listing for the domain name and/or web pages…

Suffice it to say that we find Google’s Did you mean – Top 2 results shown practice not well thought out and poorly implemented.

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