TinyURL clone script written in PHP

When your browsing the internet you do not wish to be swarmed with huge internet URL’s hogging up the page, and when your sending e-mails i bet your friends or colleagues do not wish to be annoyed the same way! So basically if you are sending e-mails, sponsoring keywords on search engines, or simply want to make that long URL short, you should check out urlshort.us.

You can now start your own website such as urlshort.us or TinyURL for a low price!

  1. Turn any URL into a small form, for example turn: http://xxxxxxxx.com/xxxx/xxxx/xxx.html into http://urlshort.us/?jpf39
  2. Can be easily edited to fit into any design.
  3. Takes up little server resources
  4. Instant Download upon payment completion via Paypal.

URL short sells this as a TinyURL clone script written in PHP.

Anyway we are still trying to figure out the SEO angle to these url redirection scripts. We know that TinyURL, for example, has a huge number of backlinks in Google…

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