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How the NFL Is Using Business Technology and Information Technology Together – IT Management

Behind the excitement and glamor of the football season is some key information technology including: GPS, ecommerce, wired and wireless networking, voice over IP, systems integration, data security, storage and project management– that support and enhance America’s favorite sport. (2 days ago)

Report: As Graphics Card Prices Rise, Sales Fall

All other things being equal, Economics 101 teaches that as the price goes up, the number of sales goes down. For the second quarter graphics market, that held true. (1 hour ago)

Internet Summit 08′ Registration Officially Opens

TechJournal South, the Southeast’s leading technology business publication, and Southern Capitol Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, announced that registration is underway for Internet Summit 08. (28 mins ago)

Charlotte-based Red Ventures the 17th fastest growing U.S. private firm

CHARLOTTE, NC’The arrays of wide-screen TVs scrolling sales figures and Internet traffic information make Red Ventures? office look like a NASA space mission control room, but the busy atmosphere is not just for show. (39 mins ago)

Electronic Arts, Take-two Hold Private Talks

Video game makers Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive Software signed a confidentiality agreement after agreeing to hold private talks about a potential transaction, EA said on Monday. (2 hours ago)

Netflix Outage Blamed on Hardware

Faulty hardware is to blame for a glitch that took Netflix shipping systems offline for several days earlier this month, according to a blog post from the company. (1 hour ago)

Business Calendar

Wednesday – The Southern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce will hold a speed-networking power breakfast from 7:30 to 9 a.m. at Skipper’s Pier Restaurant, 6158 Drum Point Road, Deale. Cost is $10, and includes breakfast. Reservations due by Aug. 22 at 410-867-3129. (5 hours ago)

Search Engine Optimization Tips: Going Beyond Keywords

What’s a Google Sitemap and how does it help search rankings? Did you know you could customize those pesky “404 error” pages with products for better search results? Unaware of Google’s universal search rolled out last summer? (2 hours ago)

Actors Paid to Line Up for Poland iPhone Launch

Actors are being paid to line up at Apple stores in Poland to drum up interest in the iPhone, which will launch there on Friday. (18 hours ago)

Fabus to Lead Livemercial

VALPARAISO, Ind., BUSINESS WIRE — Livemercial, the industry leader in single product direct response sales, has expanded its senior management team to include Michael “Mic” Fabus as Executive Vice President/Creative Director. (51 mins ago)