Dynamic Logo/Branding Using GD and BoldFonts

Search engines want your web site to be user friendly.

User-friendly websites have branding. This means custom templates, unique content, memorable domain name and a custom logo.

Here’s an idea: Use the GD Graphics Library and the free fonts download library from BoldFonts to create a dynamic logo for multiple websites.

The idea is to generate images from your logo text using GD plus free fonts. This could get complicated fast, but it certainly is better than deploying a large network of similar looking websites without logo/branding.

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One Response to “Dynamic Logo/Branding Using GD and BoldFonts”

  1. You do not give up too many of the juicy details, but I get catch your drift. I am on the job and will create a logo randomizer using your GD technique and free fonts from Boldfonts. Thanks!