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HD Digital Radio Alliance Expands Marketing Campaign to Convert Consumer Awareness to Action

The HD Digital Radio Alliance, a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate consumer adoption of HD Digital Radio, today announced an expanded marketing campaign aimed at converting awareness into buying action. (4 hours ago) is now ChangeDetect. ChangeDetect provides content monitoring services for primarily tracking changes to web pages. ChangeDetect is a FREE service. Resources: webdiff web page monitoring webdiff is jist of this entry.

Retailers in step with trend shift focus to Web commerce

Retailers struggling in a weak economy are looking to boost Internet sales. Sometimes, they’re closing stores, delaying store openings or simply paying less attention to them. (10 hours ago)

Starting Your Very Own Home-based Prepaid Phone Card Business

A prepaid phone card is a popular communication trend in today’s society. In fact, many business-minded individuals are using this as their niche to earn a tidy profit, while staying on the upside from their competitors. (2 hours ago)

Company Profile for Business Wire

Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, was founded in 1961 by Lorry I. Lokey, veteran journalist and public relations executive. Cathy Baron Tamraz is president and CEO. (3 mins ago)

Covario Teams up with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals During National

NEW YORK & SAN DIEGO—-In conjunction with Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, Covario Inc., the leader in interactive marketing analytics, is teaming up with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to make sure prospective pet owners can find the ASPCA’s Web site and search for adoptable cats and dogs all year round. (2 hours ago)

ViryaNet Announces New VP Marketing; Ed Krufka to Focus on New Marketing Methods

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.—-ViryaNet Limited , a leading provider of software applications that automate business processes for field service management, today announced the promotion of Edward Krufka to the position of VP Marketing. (9 mins ago)

A Newbie’s Guide: The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

In order to boost their site’s productivity by increasing the traffic that it can generate during its operation, Webmasters are now implementing the basic concepts of search engine optimization to achieve this goal. (29 mins ago)

How I Did It: Confidence, hard work fuel Atomic’s rise

Christopher Hanna could never justify working for someone else when he said he naturally possessed the business and creative skills to do what an agency was contracting him out to do. (1 hour ago)

cronw cronwindows changedetect

cronw also know as cronwindows is now ChangeDetect. ChangeDetect is full service content monitoring services provider. ChangeDetect is a FREE service. Resources: cronw cronwindows