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Electrum Announces Sortsite 2.0

Electrum announces the release of SortSite 2.0, a one-click web site checking and analysis tool. (54 mins ago)

Marketing Reseller Partner Program Launched by Brick Marketing for Website Designers and Web Design Firms

BOSTON—-Brick Marketing, a website marketing company that has earned an impeccable reputation as one of the premiere web marketing solution firms is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new prospect for Internet marketing, a Marketing Reseller Program. (1 hour ago)

Seo Strategies: Getting Links And Writing Good Content

The process of search engine optimization or SEO, shows to be of great help in improving a Web site’s search engine rankings, as well as improving the site’s overall health, standing and profitability. (24 hours ago)

Worrying Trend? Many Newspaper Web Sites Losing Eyeballs

NEW YORK Online newspapers are not attracting eyeballs fast enough, suggests a new report from Outsell Research. (2 days ago)

Ask an Expert: Blog, or get bogged down

Q: Steve It seems that blogging is here to stay, wouldn’t you say? I have been told that it makes sense for a small business to blog, but I don’t really get what it would do for my business. Do you? Shelly (3 hours ago)

DailyLead: Google Interested in Balloons Company

Space Data Corp launches 10 balloons a day across the U.S. providing telecom services to truckers and oil companies. The company wants to use that same idea to beam down wireless service to rural areas of the U.S. (6 hours ago)

DailyLead: Microsoft to Authorize Proxy Fight at Yahoo

Microsoft will authorize a proxy fight according to the New York Times DealBook blog. A vote wouldn’t take place until Yahoo’s next shareholder meeting, which is typically held in June.? (6 hours ago)

Top 5 Steps to Deploy Business Intelligence

Business intelligence now sits at the top of most IT budgets, yet most deployments are still far from complete. This is costing companies thousands of pounds everyday, and some are considering abandoning projects altogether. (47 mins ago)

Search Engine Optimization Experts to Teach SEO Training Class After Search Engine Strategies London Conference

Search engine optimization experts, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR and Amanda Watlington of Searching for Profit, will teach an SEO training class after this week’s Search Engine Strategies conference in London. Their Optimizing for Universal Search workshop will be held on Friday, Feb. 22, 2008, at the Business Design Centre in Islington. (45 mins ago)

In search marketing, it’s all about the keywords

Businesses offering, enlisting services to optimize ‘good’ Web hits, minimize the bad. (8 hours ago)