Dealer Synergy and VSEO, Inc Partner to Move Dealers to the head of the Video Search Line

PHILADELPHIA , Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Dealer Synergy, one of the premier Internet Sales Training organizations in the automotive industry has announced a new alliance with VSEO, Inc to use their proprietary video search engine technology solution. (1 day ago)

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4 Responses to “Dealer Synergy and VSEO, Inc Partner to Move Dealers to the head of the Video Search Line”

  1. please tell me that automotive general managers and internet managers aren’t so desparate that they are falling for the video search engine optimization sales pitch from dealer synergy???

    google shelby mustang chattanooga and see what comes up first in organic for web results and first in organic for video results. specifically, a video walk around that we spent 30 minutes shooting, 10 minutes launching to you tube and about 45 seconds optimizing for search on google. 130 viewers a day are finding this video and we’ve done absolutely nothing to enhance the optimization since the day we uploaded it.

    whatever you are paying to ds to teach you this “sean bradley pioneered” technology is too much. get a camera, hit the power button and get optimized. it’s that simple.

  2. Luis Martinez on March 23rd, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    internet advertising can be tricky. i know i had someone in-house try to do it and it didn’t work for us. especially since the quality sucked. apparently we were in a really competitive area for search engine optimization. i guess it makes sense that different areas get looked up more often than others.
    no offense to the guy from chattanooga….but how many peope are doing searches for “shelby mustang chattanooga”?
    not that i’m defending anyone here, i’m just saying that vseo isn’t as easy as these guys say it is.
    i mean, don’t make it sound like child’s play just because you can get results on obscure terms. some of us have to try a little harder…or god forbid, leave it to the experts.

  3. Wow! Don, you are seriously misinformed and I am so sorry that you are spreading misinformation to the community. You obviously have NO idea what you are talking about. Video Search Engine Optimization is MUCH more than uploading to YouTube :)

    * First and foremost, Search Engines have Speech, pixel and facial recognition software which means that EVERY video needs to be unique and relevant. you can NOT upload the same video over and over again.

    * Second, each and EVERY video needs to be treated like an individual website. Like a website has unique title (header), subject… so does your video. (We actually use software to identify the Keyword Effectiveness Index KEI)

    * Each video needs UNIQUE content, not cut and pasted content

    * Each video needs to have embedded links that have destination mapping in place.

    * Each video should have relevant category tags

    * Each video should have relevant meta tags

    ***Don, are you ready the best part… We do this for 17 DIFFERENT search engines. NOT just YouTube. What is a shame is how ignorant you are. YouTube isn’t even the best engine to index videos.

    With our patented software we are able to do this automatically… that’s right, cut, code, optimize and upload each and every video to 17 Video Search Engines.

    As a matter of fact, Dealer Synergy is partnered with the company that invented this technology. Mr. John Ferber, is the CEO of USO Networks. At age 28 John sold his previous company to AOL in 2004 for $495 Million. USO Networks has clients like Puma, Snickers, EHarmony, Norditrac, and many more. They handle ALL verticals with VSEO. Dealer Synergy is the official spokesperson for VSEO in the Automotive industry. So, when you say this is BS technology… I beg to differ.

    Furthermore, just so you know I am a web designer as well as have my CERTIFICATION in advanced Search Engine Optimization.

    My reputation speaks for itself. You haven’t done a fraction of what I have done. I don’t understand how you can post a complete lie on misinformation…

    I to have an example… Please go to and type in “Toyota Corolla Torrance” With or without quotes… My Honda dealership has the top 3 organic listings on NATURAL Google… Remember, that is the #! Selling Toyota and in Toyota OEMs backyard (Torrance is the headquarters).

    • We guarantee first page listings
    • We guarantee exclusivity
    • We will get you on Natural Google within 3-10 days

    ***If NOT you DO NOT pay for it.

    I hope you are aware that Videos on the Search Engines are like putting posts on Craigs List… You need to keep uploading and uploading and uploading, b/c your videos will constantly drop.

    Now, if your videos are ranking that’s great. I will give you a cookie. But, you are not competing with anyone. I am POSITIVE that if you put your skills against our technology I WILL CRUSH you. You will NOT be able to h on the Internet. I am not trying to be mean or rude. I am just being honest, we have software that is enterprise level and being used by leviathans in the industry.

    In conclusion, before you open your mouth with misinformation and spread lies. Do your research.

    I have said my piece and will not entertain a response again from you unless it is a challenge. I would be happy to embarrass you and show you what our software can do.

    If you want to actually learn something please feel free to go to my website, I write for over 13 national publications and have a lot of information about Video Search Engine Optimization.

    **** I always source my data…

    Have a great day-

  4. Well sean I didn’t mean to get your panties in a wad. If yud liketo learn somethin about it then do a simple search like chevy malibu chattanooga, or chevy hhr atlanta, or crown molding chattanooga. This is really just as easy as knowing terms that searchers are using in your industry to find the product you sell. We launch to about 15 but the great benefit is that about 50 more pick these videos up. Hey sean, call me if you’d like to discuss the details. 4239919028. Automtive Theater is just gettign started. We’ll probably see you at the first Academy Award for vehicle walkaround presentation. Haha. Take it a little more lightly bud. The prof I in the optimization anyway. Results don’t lie.