Google Trademark Filings for Search Engine Optimization

As search engine optimization practitioners and consultants, we spend a lot of time reading very dry but illuminating trademark filings.

We have uncovered the following that has helped expand our view of the techniques search engines like Google are using to increase relevancy and combat search engine spam:

An information retrieval system indexes documents in the document collection by the valid or good phrases. For each phrase, a posting list identifies the documents that contain the phrase. In addition, for a given phrase, a second list, vector, or other structure is used to store data indicating which of the related phrases of the given phrase are also present in each document containing the given phrase. In this manner, the system can readily identify not only which documents contain which phrases in response to a search query, but which documents also contain phrases that are related to query phrases, and thus more likely to be specifically about the topics or concepts expressed in the query phrases.

Source: USPTO

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One Response to “Google Trademark Filings for Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Yes, Google is using the so called Phrase Rank to increase relevancy and combat search engine spam.

    Phrase Rank is a big leap forward over simple keyword search.