Barack Obama Web Site Success Secrets

[] Barack Obama, US Presidential Candidate for 2008, will win because he knows SEO — Search Engine Optimization that is.

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What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO, for the uninitiated, is a set of techniques which can be used to achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google.

The key to SEO is have your website appear in the top 10 of the results for key search terms.

Just like with yellow page advertising, organizations compete to stand out from the competition with bigger advertisements. Or in some cases, organizations pay for listings closer to the top of the category.

While a website may not always achieve top position, it is always gratifying (and effective) to outperform your closest competitors in your niche.

Nobody Cares about the Republican Candidates this Election Either

Well just who is Obama’s closest competition? Of course, at this stage of the election, Obama’s main rival is Hilary Clinton.

If one were to evaluate the key measures of website performance, then the website destroys the competition.

Google Does Not Lie

Obama’s website gets more visitors that stay longer and return more frequently than on any other candidate’s website. And Obama’s website ranks higher on the search engines than any other candidate’s website.

So Obama must be the most popular candidate. Or he must have hired some very effective SEO consultants to propel his website to the top.

Probably a little bit of both…

According to Google, Obama’s website is more “important” than any of the other candidates. Obama’s website measures a Google PageRank of PR7. The nearest competitor (Hillary), only ranks PR6 which is significant on the Google PageRank scale of 1 to 10.

Also Obama has an inate advantage because both his first and last name is unique. How many guys do you know named “Barack Obama”? How many gals are named Hilary Clinton in the US? Trust us, plenty.

Bottom line: Unique names mean easier targetting and better search engine performance.

Barack Obama Geeks Unleashed

The final point is that the Barack Obama’s backend operators of the Obama website make judicious use of geeky SEO techiques more than any other candidate.

Obama’s website has a modest number of subdomains (which Google loves) and Obama’s website makes intelligent use of redirects. Redirects are potent geeky stuff. Which turn out to be very effective for SEO.

Our Servers Vs. The Polls

We just ran the latest simulation on our servers and the results are not surprising. Obama will win in 2008. You heard it here first. And our numbers do not lie (unlike those straw polls that are always wrong).

P.S. Not matter what you do, be sure to vote. does not even care if you vote for Obama, Hilary or even McCain (he’s good but won’t win). Just get involved somehow and VOTE in 2008.

All the best…

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