Putting your Web site at top of list

As Web sites continue to increase in popularity among local small businesses, the reliance upon search-engine ranking seems to be a growing key performance indicator in the effectiveness of this marketing tool. (19 mins ago)

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One Response to “Putting your Web site at top of list”

  1. Everybody can not be a top 10 finalist.

    So what does this mean? It will become more expensive to compete for search engine listing dominance.

    Power to the engine. There is only one don’t you know? And it starts with a G.

    If you started early with registering a domain and you have added new content, then you are well ahead of the game. As your domain ages, so does your perceived authority as a website owner/operator.

    Sure there are tricks (there always will be). In a fist fight, even an old rusty knife will carry the day.

    Your knife is SEO and the blade is unique content, constantly growing over time.

    Have we repeated this important SEO trick enough times already?

    Now start posting new content! :)