Which SEO technique is more valuable?

Often we read in popular Search Engine Optimization forums a line of questioning that goes something like this:

I heard that technique X has great SEO benefits. I also heard that technique Y also has great SEO benefits. Which one should we try?

Usually if you keep reading, you will find strong arguments in favor of both techniques.

If they are sound SEO techniques that ultimately add new and unique content to your website or to third party websites (with a link to your website), then no one will disagree that they are both good.

But many so called SEO experts, will argue one method too strongly over the other.

The answer to the question of which SEO technique is better or which SEO technique should you try invariably leads to trying both SEO techniques.

Great_SEO = X+Y

The benefit of taking an SEO Experimentation approach to well known SEO techniques is that you achieve the benefits irregardless of the efficiency of the choice.

Besides no one knows your niche better than you. Or at least no one is supposed to know more about your niche than you. ;)

The assessment and tweaking can only come after acquiring experience (i.e. first-hand data) and analyzing the results.

So STOP reading so many SEO blogs (except this one) and start publishing content already.

If you are too busy, lazy or writing-challenged, then you can always hire content writing help. If you are smart, you will use tips in this post to know where on your website to post that unique content.

We are happy to explain how any of this can be done. Just comment below and we will oblige with free SEO help.

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