Picking An Seo-friendly Web Designer

As an SEO we get two kinds of sites; those that were designed in the past and where the designer is no longer involved, and the sites where the design is either ongoing or we are working with the web designers from the start. Both of these have their pros and cons as an SEO but there is a clear advantage of one over the other for the client. (3 hours ago)

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One Response to “Picking An Seo-friendly Web Designer”

  1. From an SEO consultant perspective, having sites that are brand new are easier to rank and work with than sites that have had previous work done by the average website designer.

    Most website designers do not specialize in search engine optimization, so they output sites that overlook even the most basic SEO principles. Having to undo the SEO unfriendly damage done by unknowing website designers is a large part of being an SEO consultant.