Google Mind Control: Reward Google When Google Screws Up

Using Jedi Master mind control techniques, Google entices webmasters to reward the search giant when Google screws up their own search engine. :)

Google’s standard response to webmasters about their website being suddenly and unexpectedly dropped from the Google Search index is for the webmaster to join the Google Webmaster Central.

Google claims that Webmaster Center is the:

one-stop shop for webmaster resources that will help you with your crawling and indexing questions, introduce you to offerings that can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and connect you with your visitors.

So webmasters have flocked to Webmaster Center in droves. Looking for answers. Sad really, when most of the time, the webmasters are completely innocent and did nothing to be dropped from the Google Search index. Usually the webmaster can do nothing to fix the problem, but to simply wait.

Remember the so called Google Sandbox effect on new sites? Tell us again, was that a feature or was that a bug/limitation? Could it have been Google having problems adding new sites to their index? Hmmm…

Anyway this Webmaster Center scheme has really paid of for Google (at the expense of some webmasters).

By joining, you help Google learn more all about which sites you own and/or manage (especially if you are naive enough to create a single account in Google Webmaster Central to manage all your sites.

If you are into SEO (of any color hat), then you have to be smarter than that. Do not give away valuable information to a for-profit behemoth so that they can “help you”.

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