Microsoft Trying to Keep Quiet about their Search Engine Problems

Microsoft Search Live has dropped many quality sites from their index.

We are observing many webmaster reports of sites dropping from Microsoft Live which is very bad news for the Microsoft search engine as they try to take on Google.

We trust that our site and the ones we manage will get back into the Microsoft Live index.

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4 Responses to “Microsoft Trying to Keep Quiet about their Search Engine Problems”

  1. The supposed remedy for having your site dropped from msn is to create an account on the webmaster center for Microsoft Live. Here is the link: Live Search Webmaster Center.

  2. The Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Center is really a good deal for Microsoft.

    With Live Webmaster Center, Microsoft gets to build traffic/community from webmasters by repeately screwing up their search engine.

    Why reward bad behavior? You probably do not work for Microsoft. Microsoft already has enough employees… and too much money.

  3. Regarding Microsoft Live Webmaster Center, Google successfully did the same when their search engine was all screwed up (which is a like… always). :)

    Now Google has a large community of webmasters who visit the Google Webmaster Central.

    This is a great place for Google to learn for free all about which sites you own and/or manage (especially if you are naive enough to create a single account for multiple websites).

  4. Many of our sites were dropped from the msn index as well.