Microsoft’s Prototype Path to Search Engine Dominance

Google is well known as a “lab” or intelligence center where their army of PHds are said to have a “research mentality” and tightly focused on experimenting with new technologies.

But being a leader in any field comes with a price. You get bogged down and constrained in your attempts at deploying new new technology for your core business.

Sure you can add extensions or new product lines, but you would be utterly foolish to rock the foundation of your core business without much deliberate thought. As a rule you do not mess with your cash cow (without a good reason).

When we look at the Microsoft Search Live approach to internet search, Microsoft really are the researchers in this space. Microsoft had tried so many different internet search strategies and then subsequently dropped them that one wonders about what is really happening.

Could Microsoft managers really be that stupid as to yield the search market to Google? Or are they using their prototype mentality as a way of taking a long term view to the lucrative opportunity of internet search?

In general a company can relax if its strategies are backed by a very strong cash position. But a company can also grow soft and quickly be driven out of business.

Perhaps Google has been so profitable to date, because they have had no other revenues to fall back on.

It seems that the battle between Google and Microsoft will involve Google being able to continue to branch out and Microsoft being able to focus deeply on the key business and strategy of internet search.

It will be interesting to see all this unfold as we have not yet counting out Microsoft.

Many really want to see Google with a strong competitor which will serve the search engine and search engine optimization industry as a whole.

If competition is 100% American, what do you call a search engine monopoly…

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One Response to “Microsoft’s Prototype Path to Search Engine Dominance”

  1. All so very true. You can not discount the fact that many, many new PCs, laptops and devices are shipping with Microsoft Search Live enabled from the start.

    All those new users coming online after Christmas will only know Microsoft for starters. Although “googling” has become an internet slogan.