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10 Steps for Improving Search Rankings

If the holiday hoopla has left you feeling hopeless instead of happy because your online sales figures were rather hapless, it’s never too late to optimize your site for future transactions. (12 hours ago)

Getting ahead

Northern New Jersey businesses want to improve their Web sites but aren’t sure how to do it. That’s according to a new survey by Samson Media, a Montclair-based online marketing firm, which polled 1,050 businesses across North Jersey last month. (22 hours ago)

Microsoft Trying to Keep Quiet about their Search Engine Problems

Microsoft Search Live has dropped many quality sites from their index. We are observing many webmaster reports of sites dropping from Microsoft Live which is very bad news for the Microsoft search engine as they try to take on Google. We trust that our site and the ones we manage will get back into the [...]

Intro – High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum

Search this forum only? On the side, I take care of our website. We’re a small business, no employees right now though we have in the past. My husband does the rest, but when it gets busy the whole family troops down to the store every day to do the packing and shipping for him. (9 hours ago)

Seo / Sem Resouces

As an education-oriented company, High Rankings offers a number of search marketing resources to the community. Learn more about SEO and SEM through our SEO FAQ, search engine optimization articles, our search marketing glossary and the High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum. (3 hours ago)

Microsoft’s Prototype Path to Search Engine Dominance

Google is well known as a “lab” or intelligence center where their army of PHds are said to have a “research mentality” and tightly focused on experimenting with new technologies. But being a leader in any field comes with a price. You get bogged down and constrained in your attempts at deploying new new technology [...]

In Google Results, Comments Are The Description

I still have number one spot on Google for my main keyword, which rocks. The only SEO I’ve really done on this site was to clear out the keyword stuffing from a few years ago and start paying more attention to my titles and trying to make them better. (4 hours ago)

Microsoft Will Eventually Gobble Up the Google of Yahoos

Microsoft partnering with Yahoo to take on Google in a boxing match for search engine dominance? (by Some have suggested that Microsoft will team with and then buy Yahoo which will strongly position Microsoft to then take on the Googleplex. But to the untrained eye, it does not seem that simple. One thing for [...]

What Is Seo Knowledge For?

The art of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is viewed as the process of increasing the amount of visitors or online traffic, to a Web site by letting it rank high in the search results of a search engine. (12 hours ago)

Blog Vs. Article Submissions

What’s better in terms of SEO, writing on a blog hosted on my domain or submitting articles with links to my domain? Is it OK for me to post on my blog AND submit the same artcles elsewhere? (8 hours ago)