Compare SATA with SCSI – a point in favor of SCSI

We compared SATA against SCSI previously, but here is another point to consider in favor of SCSI:

SCSI is considered faster than SATA because SCSI has processor onboard that is specialized to handle disk read operations, SATA does not.

The major reason for choosing/paying for SCSI/SAS over SATA, is not speed, but reliability. A SATA/PATA drive is not made for 24/7/365 operation, and it WILL fail on you.

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2 Responses to “Compare SATA with SCSI – a point in favor of SCSI”

  1. Times have really changed. The SCSI advantage is losing ground each day that SATA is improved.

    Anyway we went with SATA. We found SATA to be a better value than SCSI.

  2. SATA has better value than SCSI in terms of how much disk space you can get for your money.