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Replace HTML tables with CSS DIV

Using HTML tables for layout is not advised by top desigers. However the use of HTML table for presenting tabular tables is ok, but some CSS purists that only want to use DIV commands prefer to replace all HTML tables with CSS DIV. If you want a simple way to eliminate HTML tables in favor [...]

Multi-core processors

A multi-core CPU (or chip-level multiprocessor, CMP) combines two or more independent cores into a single package. A dual-core device contains two independent microprocessors and a quad-core device contains four microprocessors. Signals between multicore CPUs travel shorter distances which allows more data to be sent in a given time period. Software benefits from multicore architectures [...]


CentOS is a freely available Linux distribution which is based on Red Hat’s commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) product. Source: Wikipedia

DiskSync FAQ

Q: What is DiskSync? A: DiskSync is an automated disk-to-disk data recovery and protection solution that allows users to backup data to a remote server over an existing network connection. The developers of DiskSync claim that their backup solution is automated and replaces traditional tape backup systems.