Linkbaiting and more link bait

Linkbaiting involves adding content to a website with the intent of attracting a massive number of inbound links from other sites.

Here are some ideas for linkbaiting:

  • Top 10 lists
  • Articles
  • News
  • Tools
  • Controversy

Of these, creating a popular tool is probably the easiest approach for link baiting. Creating a popular tool also happens to attract the least amount of competition.

Creating a tool as link bait requires programming skills, but these can be easily outsourced to an off-shore programmer.

  • Facebook
  • TwitThis
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg


3 Responses to “Linkbaiting and more link bait”

  1. that’s a great list! hey, does google give penalties for the term ‘linkbaiting’?

  2. Linkbaiting helps your search engine rankings, but more importantly it can bring natural links to your site (without aid of a search engine).

  3. How to articles are also good linkbait.