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5 tips how to be successful by selling online

To increase online sales try affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC), banner exchanges and promotional coupons.

Search Engines: Tips and Strategies on Getting Listed and Ranking High for Newbies

Nuts and bolts search engine optimization strategies and techniques. A good starting place for newbies and a great refresher discussion for experienced SEO pros.

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

The basics for any search engine optimization campaign include obtaining reciprocal links, targetting the right keyword, building quality content, submitting to online directories and expanding successful sites.

Why search engine optimisation is doomed

Advocates building quality content and only a few quality inbound links as the way to search engine optimization.

Website Promotion: 10 Search Engine Optimization Blunders to Avoid

A log can go wrong when designing search engine friendly websites. Avoid these common mistakes when doing your own search engine optimization.

Beat Google’s Dampening Link Filter with SEO Articles

Writing and distributing well crafted articles increase links back to your site. Everybody wins including the reader who gets educated about a particular topic, the website that publishes the article drives traffic to his site and the author also gains credibility and traffic to his site as well.

Designing a Website So the Search Engines Will Like You

Keep these things in mind before designing a website. If you are using a web designer, be sure that he understands search engine optimization (seo) before writing a page of code.

SEO Basics

You have a lot to learn about Search Engine Optimization if you do it yourself. It can be done however at a relatively low cost. Here is a good article for to get you started optimizing your webpages for the likes of Google, MSN and Yahoo.